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Paper for Carriers of Affixed Products

The paper used on the carrier of an affixed product will depend on the type of carrier. The carrier can be a continuous form, a unit set, laser sheet or a single sheet, which all can be made up of many different types of paper. The type of paper will depend on the intended use of the carrier, the method of affixing the product and the method in which the carrier and/or affixed product will be imprinted. For more details on what types of paper are available for the different carrier types, select one of the types at the left.

Select carrier type below:

Continuous Forms - Paper

Unit Sets - Paper

Laser Sheets - Paper

Single Sheets - Paper


Note: When the carrier is a one part continuous, a laser sheet or a single sheet, be sure to use a paper heavy enough to support the affixed product. The paper should be at least comparable to a 20 lb. bond. Using a heavier stock, such as 28 lb. ledger, will generally help the carrier and affixed product run smoothly through the printer. Contact your manufacturer to see what your best options would be.


Paper for Affixed Products


The affixed card can be made up of several different types of material, such as paper, laminated paper, and plastic. Each type is available in different weights and finishes. When considering what type of material your card will be, you need to look at the end use of the card, the life of the card, how it will be affixed and the method in which it will be imprinted.


The affixed label is made up of a pressure sensitive stock. The label stock consists of a liner, an adhesive layer and the facestock. The labels are available in different facestocks and different adhesive types. What type best fits your needs will be determined by the end use of the label, how it is imprinted, the life span of the label, exposure conditions and completion methods. For more details on the types of label stock available, see Labels - Paper.


There are different types of stencil material available.

Blue - Carbonless Compatible
Green - Carbon Coated
Dual Ply - Yellow w/carbon Insert
Eco Ply - Compatible with recycled paper

The tissues are manufactured with sensitive transfer oil enabling a good image quality when affixed on a multiple part for processing on an impact printer. The oils in the tissue have a shelf life of approximately 6 to 12 months. The shelf life should be taken into consideration when determining the quantity of stencil forms you will order. Contact your manufacturer if you have questions on what type of stencil tissue to use or on what the shelf life of the tissue would be.


Integrated Products

With an integrated product, the card or label is actually part of the carrier. Therefore, they are both made up of the same stock. Whatever stock is used, it must work for both the carrier form and the card or label. Shown below are brief descriptions of the material available for integrated cards and labels.

Paper for Integrated Carriers and Products


The card and carrier can be made up of paper, laminated paper and flexible plastic. Each type of stock is available in different weights, finishes and colors. The paper can be coated or uncoated, and range from 20 lb. to 150 lb. in weight. The flexible plastic comes in 7 mil. to 20 mil. thickness and is available in many stock colors.


The label and carrier can be made of paper, laminated foil, vinyl, polyester, and thermal transfer stock. The stock types are available in white, clear and standard colors. Not all types are available in all colors. Some standard stock weights available are 20 to 24 lb., 50 to 60 lb. and 2 to 4 mil. For more details on the types of label stock available, see Labels - Paper.


Note: Remember that the card or label of the integrated product is part of the continuous, laser sheet or single sheet carrier and both will be made up of the same stock. Whatever stock is used, it has to be suitable for the card or label, the carrier and the method of imprinting of the integrated product.


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