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Customer Relationships

Helping customers understand the benefits of a PDF workflow is important to both the customer and the print provider. A streamlined PDF system can increase production and shorten delivery time, which can result in loyal customers. Many print providers offer discounts to customers that furnish PDF files because the lower cost in using PDF allows the print provider to share some of the savings with the customer. This makes pricing more competitive, which is a key factor for any customer when choosing a vendor.

Training is a key element in helping customers understand and accept a different workflow process. There are several ways that training can be made more effective:

  • Important features of PDF can be explained to the customer in order for them to become accustomed in its use.
  • The client can be shown the speed in which PDF files can be transferred electronically, compared to other formats, and the consistency in which files are received.
  • Examples of jobs that have been output using PDF can be used to demonstrate consistency and efficiency of the format.
  • The use of other Adobe software tools for designing and layout, such as Illustrator and InDesign, can be demonstrated to show the customer that using other Adobe products can make the process even more efficient.
  • The benefits of PDF in relation to time and cost savings can be shown to the client.


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