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Part to Part Construction

Continuous Multiple Part Mailers

The multiple part continuous mailers can be anywhere from a two part to an eight part form. The number of parts will vary depending on what type of mailer it is, how many inserts it will have, and what type of reply envelope is used. Shown below are some mailers with different part to part construction.

Two Part Peel Apart Mailer

The most simple type of mailer is the two part peel apart mailer. Part one is the part that has the delivery address printed on it, along with other postal information. As shown on this sample, a blockout is printed in the area that the information will imprinted to the next part of the mailer. The blockout will prevent anyone from being able to read the content of the mailer. An alternative to using the blockout is to use an uninked fabric ribbon in the printer and using a self contained carbonless spot coating in the delivery address area. The uninked ribbon will not show up on part one but will transfer the image to part two. When the uninked ribbon imprints in the delivery address area, it activates the self contained coating so that an image appears. Also, a blockout is often printed on the back of part 1 and 2 to protect the content of the mailer so that it is not viewed until the recipient opens the mailer.


Insert Mailer

An insert mailer consists of the face and back of the outgoing envelope and the parts that are inserted in between. The inserts are not glued to the inside of the mailer so they are easy to extract. The insert can consist of a single part or it may be several parts along with a reply envelope. The number of inserts (including the reply envelope parts) should be kept to a minimum of four, which would make a six part mailer. If light weight papers are used, you can go up to an eight part mailer. Be sure to run test samples through your printer and any other processing equipment that the mailer will be going through before ordering.  Test for runnability and image quality.

The inserts are attached to the mailer in the stubs. When the stubs are removed to open the mailer, the inserts get detached and are then free to be extracted. On tab opening mailers the insert does not get detached when the mailer is opened. Once the inserts are exposed they are extracted by pulling on them and detaching them from the perforation.

Note: Inserts can have integrated or affixed products incorporated with them. When considering the use of these products, be sure to check the capabilities of the imprinting and processing equipment.




Insert Mailer with Fly Sheet

A fly sheet may be added to the peel apart or insert mailer. It is used for two purposes. One is to provide a file copy for the sender. The other is to provide image transfer to the front of the outgoing envelope and internal inserts and to eliminate having to use a blockout or a self contained carbonless spot coating on the front of the outgoing envelope.

The image on the fly sheet is usually the same as the insert. Copy alignment is critical between the fly sheet and the inserts.

Insert Mailer with Reply Envelope

The mailer can have a reply envelope included in its construction. The envelope can be made up of two parts or it can be constructed from one or both part of the outgoing mailer envelope. The envelope shown here is constructed from two insert parts. See Reply Envelope Construction for information on other reply envelope types.


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