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Software programs are required to make the various transfer options work. FTP Client software is necessary in order to upload files to a Web site or intermediate server. Some of the FTP software packages are listed below:

Fetch: Fetch is for the Mac platform and is free to any educational or non-profit user. A licensing fee is charged to all other users. With the use of a drag and drop feature, Fetch provides for efficient transfers to and from any site having an FTP server. Files and entire directories can be dragged and dropped to and from remote sites. If a transfer is interrupted, there is an automatic reconnect feature so that the entire file transfer process doesn't have to be rerun.

FTPPro2000: A FTP program for windows. The program features drag and drop transfers from a computer to a remote server. Entire directories do not have to be transferred in multiple steps because all folders and files in a directory can be copied or deleted in one step. Other tasks can be performed on a computer while transfers are taking place.

Cute FTP: A PC based program from GlobalScape, Inc. that includes several important features. One of the features is the ability to resume transfers if they are interrupted. It is also possible to terminate any operation without losing the server connection. There is a remote file editing feature that allows changes to be made to HTML documents without having to download them first, then edit, save, and upload them again.

WS-FTP: A limited edition (WS-FTP LE) of this PC based FTP software package is available free of charge from Ipswitch, Inc. for educational or non-profit users. The program has a feature for allowing multiple file transfers over a single server connection. There is an extensive selection of preconfigured FTP sites.

Bullet Proof FTP: A FTP program, for the PC, which provides protection against problems that may occur during file transfer such as broken connections and unexpected timeouts. If problems do occur, the program provides an automatic reconnect feature to resume interrupted transfers. Another important feature is the ability of the program to override the restrictions of many FTP servers which limit the number of file transfers per session.

LeechFTP: Designed for the PC, LeechFTP program is unlike many similar programs since it is offered free. It closely monitors uploads and downloads and displays server connection details. If some file transfers are not accomplished, they can be returned to the Job Queue for further attempts. The Job Queue stores all the information concerning any requested file transfers.

TransSoft FTP Control: A PC based program from TransSoft Ltd. that features automatic dial-up when connections are broken. There is also in-line editing of remote files and the capability of simultaneous downloads. Three different versions are available for the TransSoft FTP Control program: FTP Control Lite, FTP Contol Pro, and FTP Control Power. FTP Control Lite includes the basic FTP functions for fast and efficient transfers. FTP Control Pro has all of the features of the Lite version plus features such as resuming interrupted transfers, remote commands and attribute settings, Most Recently Used (MRU) support, and URL handling. FTP Control Power includes all of the Lite and Pro features as well as a number of advanced features. This version allows for complete ZIP file handling, multiple open FTP connections, and transfer between remote servers. It also allows for advanced scripting capabilities so that file transfers can be fully automated.

Terrapin FTP: Developed by Terrapin Internet, Ltd., Terrapin FTP software allows for the drag and drop transfer of local directories to a remote site. The program provides for offline viewing of remote FTP sites and broken transfers are easily resumed.



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