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File Transfer Between Platforms

Transferring files between Macintosh and PC platforms or vice versa is not as simple as transferring files between the same platforms. Having the same software on both computers does not guarantee success. Further steps are necessary to ensure proper transfer.

Files can be transferred via FTP, e-mail, a network, or with the use of a disk:

FTP: Transferring files with FTP is one of the best ways because the Mac and PC don't require additional software and it isn't necessary for them to be networked.

E-mail: E-mail works well except that attachments may not always open the way they should. It helps to have the newest version of the e-mail program. Qualcomm's Eudora and Microsoft Outlook may work the best because they are compatible on both operating systems.

Networks: When using a network, additional software is required in order for the different platforms to understand one another, such as Netopia's Timbuktu Pro and Thursby's TSSTalk.

Disks: PCs and Macs don't have the same disk formats, so additional steps must be taken in order to use a disk formatted for a different platform or operating system. The Mac has a File Exchange on the control panel that allows it to use disks from a PC. The Mac can also format a disk for use on a PC. Software, such as MacDrive 2000 is required in order to use a Mac disk on a PC.

After the files have been transferred, there may still be problems opening the file without the proper software to convert files to a format that can be used on the computer. MacLink Plus and Conversion Plus by Data Viz are examples of software that can accomplish this task.

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