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Label Types

Unit Sets can have an integrated label or blown on label incorporated with them. Each type is manufactured differently from each other but they have some of the same characteristics.

  • Integrated Labels: An integrated label is a label that is actually part of the original form. Adhesive is applied to the back in the area where the label is located. A liner is then added to the back of the form to cover the adhesive area. The face of the form is then slit in the label area so the label can be removed form the overall form.
  • Blown on Labels: A blown on label is a label and a liner, both of which are separate from the form. The label and liner are attached with a label applicator that blows and applies each label into position on the face of the form.
  • Imaging: Both types of labels can be non-imaging or self-imaging. Non-imaging labels do not transfer an image when imprinted. When the label is pulled off, there is no image left where the label was removed. Self-imaging labels transfer the image to the liner when imprinted. When the label is removed there is an image remaining on the liner that is still attached to the form.

Some of the specifications needed by the supplier are listed below:

  • Are the labels to be non-imaging of self-imaging?
  • Size, location and number of labels needed.
  • If it is an integrated label, how should the labels be die cut on the face of the form (such as square corners or rounded corners?)
  • Is the label to be preprinted?
  • What type of material should the label be?
  • What type of adhesive is required: removable or permanent?
  • Contact your supplier for special adhesive requirements.

Dry Gum Stock

Dry gum paper stock can be used on one or more parts of a unit set to create a shipping label or mailer. A section of the form may have perforations added to it so that it can be removed and used as a label. The paper stock has a dry gum adhesive covering the entire back of the paper that when moistened, will adhere to a carton or another form.

For details on more types of labels, see the Labels category.


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